Justin and Melissa: acrylic on canvas 30×40



2 thoughts on “Justin and Melissa: acrylic on canvas 30×40

  1. michelle………..

    that’s wonderful…………so great to hear from you……it’s been a while…..

    how are you doing? what’s going on? where are you located?

    beautiful art piece….lovely….is it new?

    hope all else is well and happy….

    everything great here…..we just uploaded a beautiful new bridging show with mark lamm to youtube/vimeo at…

    and one with satya kalra as well at:

    also check out some of the recent healing art that we’ve gotten from all over the world….




    and how is your healign art piece coming along?


    call anytime….805-687-2053

    please keep us posted and we’ll do the same….

    thanks again……….

    love and blessings……..allan…..

    and please visit: The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation website which includes, among many other things, a great deal of information about our media show, “Bridging Heaven & Earth”, and our International Healing Art Project at:

    Bridging’s YouTube Channel at:

    http://www.youtube.com/BridgingHeaven and

    http://www.HeavenToEarthArt.com and


    We Love You.

    • hi allan! i know i have yet to make the healing art piece…it still has not come to me yet. maybe it will very soon. i know it’s been a long time. i am in seattle now. i will delve into some new shows and open to making the piece. thank you for liking this one. i hope all is well with you. much love.

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