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i am a self taught artist and photographer.  i have been creating art my entire life because creating art is my entire life.  i express my inner vision when making art.  i tend to avoid conceptual explanations about my work…for it is the one place i can be free of the rational mind.  even when shooting pictures, the urge just hits me to snap the shot, and i do.  i intuit my way through life, revealing an inner vision-whatever it is in the moment that “i see”.   i have hung paintings in washington dc, las vegas, missoula, seattle, portland, and san francisco.  i now live in seattle.  all photography, paintings, and sketches on this site are created by me, michelle bloom.  thank you for taking a peak.  find me at


One thought on “artist bio

  1. michelle…..

    thanks for reaching out to us…..and subscribing to the bridging channel….

    we went to your website, looked at your amazing art manifestations, and your play/work is truly magical…..

    and we’d certainly be honored and delighted to be in collaboration with you in the bridging int’l healing art project….. we’d love to have your energy as part of the healing…..

    you might want to check out more of what we’re doing at: and and

    and if you’re interesting in collaborating with us, call us at 805-687-2053

    thanks again…..

    love and blessings….bh&e….

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