sanctuary in the city


2 thoughts on “sanctuary in the city

  1. Do you remember where this was? Way back when, when I was visiting NY, I swear I came across this garden, and i thought ‘if i could hang out in this garden every day, i could most definitely live in ny city, and be the happiest lady alive!’. but i didn’t have my camera, and soon forgot about it. so i guess, thanks! that is, if this is even ny city.

  2. this is in ny. i forget the street, but i think it’s third street. i know it’s in the east village. i had the exact same thought when i took the picture, that if i lived close to that garden i could handle the city…needless to say i never lived close to it, but i often wonder how different my experience would have been there if i had. glad i could remind you of that moment!

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